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I’ll Give You Crew Cut!


Well that is certainly easier than actually buying and having to put on a head band everyday.



Woman Crushes Man’s Balls Onstage

Woman Crushes Man's Balls Onstage She's so embarrassed. Today, she did her dance moves in the wrestling ring and her finishing move on the dance floor.

Bed Intruder Remix

Bed Intruder Remix This is the best Autotune the News remix since Autotune the News #2. I give his crazy threat a 10. It has a nice beat, and I can dance to it.

One Woman Mosh Pit At Warped Tour

One Woman Mosh Pit At Warped Tour She's not in the right section. This is general admission, and her ticket clearly reads crazed lunatic admission.

Kangaroo Licks Its Own Balls

Kangaroo Licks Its Own Balls He always said that if he were able to do that, he'd have no reason to leave his artificial habitat.

Saturday Night Special: Please Be Seated

Because no matter how in love we might be, we’ll always need a break.

(submitted by John)

Playground Parkour Faceplant

Playground Parkour Faceplant His friends think this gave him temporary amnesia because after smashing his head into the park bench he couldn't remember why he thought this was a good idea.

Kid Freaking Loved The Expendables

Kid Freaking Loved The Expendables He and his friend gave it ten high fives, but wait… did he like it? It's so hard to tell.

Learn From Can I Fix This Discreetly’s Fail

It’s fine to loosen your bra straps to keep from irritating your sunburn. But for god’s sake, tighten them before going to a Tae Kwon Do class. #LFMF

Submitted by: Can I Fix This Discreetly

Airplane Pilot Prank

Airplane Pilot Prank

Airplane Pilot Prank 0:34

Pilot plays funny prank on passenger! Enjoy!

Submitted by: thenetwerk

Kinda Cute

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