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The Best Parts Of Glenn Beck’s New Website

The Best Parts Of Glenn Beck's New Website

The Best Parts Of Glenn Beck’s New We…

Glenn Beck’s got a new website called “The Blaze.” Finally, the chance to speak his mind.

Submitted by: Fod Team

Kinda Cute

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Learn From YepI’mad’s Fail

When your brother-in-law is home on leave from Iraq and is taking a nap, do not set off a string of firecrackers outside his bedroom. He will kick your ass. You will deserve it. #LFMF

Submitted by: YepI’mad

K-Pop Girl Group Faceplant

K-Pop Girl Group Faceplant The most shocking part for the crowd was the realization that the girl group was actually singing.

Pickup Bus

white trash repairs - Pickup Bus

Submitted by: Unknown

And they laughed when I told them I had to take the bus to school.

Thou Shalt Rub My Adorable Chin

Submitted by: Unknown

Oh, yeah, that’s the spot! … No, not there. Yeah, there. No, you’re getting off track again. Back to the left. Your other left. Ooooooh, yeah. got it. Now don’t stop. Ever.

Learn From That came out wrong’s Fail

When discussing the most attractive weight on a woman, don’t reply to the other guys saying "I like big girls, I love big butts" with "I like little girls." Instead, just say skinny or petite. #LFMF

Submitted by: That came out wrong


demotivational posters - MILF

Man I Love Fishing

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The Klingers

To say this family gets easily attached is an understatement.

(submitted by Lindsay)

Little Boy Blue


Ohh Little Boy Blue…why? Why did you have to grow up and disappoint us all? A fanny pack and legging socks? Really? You couldn’t just stick with the horn?



Learn From ThisTastesFunny’s Fail

When in a hurry and grabbing the mouthwash for a quick freshening, check the bottle. Rubbing alcohol will offer a slightly different experience. #LFMF

Submitted by: ThisTastesFunny