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Missed Connections: Drinks Alone m4w

Missed Connections: Drinks Alone m4w

Missed Connections: Drinks… 2:25

A missed connection is an occurrence, generally associated with romance, where two or more people are unable to exchange contact information or the information that is exchanged is lost. Through the use of publications and websites some people seek to reconnect with their missed connection.

These are real ads by real people.

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Featured song, Girl’s Name courtesy of BACKROAD.

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demotivational posters - SORRY OLD SPICE GUY...


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Look At This F’n Hipster


Ohh hipsters, you manage to pop up and ruin every generation one way or another. Does his stomach tat say “Douche”? Even if it doesn’t, I’ll assume it does.



Swedish Singer Vomits During Performance

Swedish Singer Vomits During Performance This Swedish singer pukes onstage during one of his songs. He's always said he's his own worse critic.

No, I DON’T See the Resemblance!

funny animal photos-No, I DON'T See the Resemblance!

But you know what’s funny? With each passing second I spend with this stupid horn on my head, you start to look more and more like kibble. Weird, huh?

What I’m trying to say is TAKE IT OFF. TAKE IT OFF NOW.

9 Things Wearing Hamburgers That Shouldn’t Be Wearing Hamburgers

9 Things Wearing Hamburgers That Shouldn't Be Wearing Hamburgers

9 Things Wearing Hamburger…


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Relay Treadmill Faceplant

Relay Treadmill Faceplant I didn't realize it was even possible to come in last place on a treadmill.

Google Maps Street View = Penguin Watching Made Easy!

funny animal photos-Google Maps Street View = Penguin Watching Made Easy!

Google announced today that they’ve expanded their Street View Google Maps system to all seven continents, and this means so many amazing things for animal lovers. For example, now you don’t have to travel to Antarctica to track down a waddle of adorable penguins like the one above! You can now ogle their cuteness from the comfort of your computer desk.

Isn’t technology just amazing?

Source: Google Blog


demotivational posters - SHUT THE HELL UP

he’s painting butterflies man

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