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Heart-A-Mac and Cheese

A layer of mac and cheese on the bottom, then chicken, another layer of mac, then beef, sun dried tomatoes, and bacon, with another layer of mac, and lastly a layer of mac and cheese with beef sprinkled on top and some parmesan cheese on top.

(Submitted by Danimal)

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Acting Like Animals: Postmodern Costume Alert!

cute baby animals-Acting Like Animals: Postmodern Costume Alert!

You know, I’ve been reading a lot of Pynchon, and Auster, and Wallace lately… and I was about halfway through “Gravity’s Rainbow” when it hit me: Why dress up for Halloween in some overblown, woefully obvious and cliché costume? Why not go as something that captures the idea of “masquerading” while still reflecting the nature of the existential self?

This is the end result of my toil. I’m extremely pleased with the results.

Via The Daily What

Tron Dog

Cute Baby Animals - Tron Dog

Let’s end the Hallo-squee-n spree with the most objectively awesome costume ever: TRON DOG! He’s even inside a Space Paranoids-like box!

Woof with the Wind

Cute Baby Animals - Woof with the Wind

This was probably the most amazing dog costume I saw. Frankly, my pug, I don’t give a squee.

Mrs. Potato Head

Sometimes we forget Halloween is about the children.

Happy Halloween from AFP!

(Submitted by The Crouches)

Bumblebee Dogs

Cute Baby Animals - Bumblebee Dogs

Tonight is Halloween! Bee on the look out for bumblebee dogs at large! They will be everywhere.

Taekwondo Chick Flies Into Wall

Taekwondo Chick Flies Into Wall This girl's sneak attack on her father fails as she flies into a wall. The teacher remains the teacher, and the student remains the student… but will probably need special classes now.

Halloween From Epicute

Our friends over at Epicute have really outdone themselves compiling the Halloween goods. Here’s a peek at some of their best photos.

Funny Food Photos - Spooky Pumpkin Pancakes

I believe this was actually made for Spiderman’s birthday, but I guess it works for Halloween too… why not.

Source: Tidy Mom

Funny Food Photos - Frankenstein’s Monster Cookie

Wouldn’t a true Frankenstein cookie be pieced together from other cookies?

Source: Bake Greek

Funny Food Photos - Spooky Caramel Apple

Eh, a spider isn’t bad. The last few apples I ate all had worms in them.

Funny Food Photos - Gummy Spider Cupcakes

This might look like a Halloween treat, but it’s actually a Halloween trick because the gummy spider is just a distraction from the fact that I baked it with real spiders.

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Learn From Not That Kind of Candy’s Fail

When your aunt sends you Halloween candy that looks like bloody skeletons, and you are eating the aforementioned candy when your room mate's boyfriend shows up, don't let the first words out of your mouth be "do you want a bone?" #LFMF

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Bowhunter Shoots Deer In The Antlers

Bowhunter Shoots Deer In The Antlers If you've never seen a deer with the expression, "REALLY?!" on its face before, this is your chance.