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Well That Makes Good Sense…

fashion fails - Well That Makes Good Sense...

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“Hey, I’m just trying to sit here and read my paper. There’s no need to make fun of my tights. I think they go quite well with this jacket, and these bracelets make for great accents! Oh, you’re just making fun of my glasses? I suppose they are a bit antiquated looking.”

Classic: The Men’s Longpole Champions

fashion fails - Classic: The Men's Longpole Champions

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Would it kill them to put a towel on or something? Good lord, it’s like watching a Spinal Tap concert!

Fastest Can Opener In the West

white trash repairs - Fastest Can Opener In the West

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And the list for essential college tools grows 1 item longer. ~Not-So-Handy Andy

Potato Giraffe

funny food photos - Potato Giraffe

Which is the real vegetable here? You know you love a good giraffe-tot casserole.

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Learn From Tarantino’s Fail

If you try to close the trunk of your car and it refuses to latch shut, don't slam it. Your brand new cell phone might be in the track, and you'll need a new phone when the trunk finally latches. #LFMF

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The Magician’s Pet!

Cute Baby Animals - The Magicians Pet!

Bravo sir! I’d compliment you on your Photoshop magic, but the bigger feat is probably being able to pull off that waistcoat. Applause all around!

Squee! Spotter:



demotivational posters - FAKE ABS

Sometimes they can look so real

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Two Girls’ Hotel Room Double KO

Two Girls' Hotel Room Double KO It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. It was the eve of two girls play fighting on a bed, and it was a night of two girls knocked out on the floor.

Girl Goes Out Of Her Mind In Water Park

Girl Goes Out Of Her Mind In Water Park Say what you will about this girl going crazy in the pool, I think this is an awesome swimming demonstration. She gives us perfect examples of the butterfly stroke, back stroke, and severe heat stroke.

Hitting A Scruff Patch


I knew Grizzly Adams had a beard, I just wasn’t aware that his wife did too…