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Penguin Has Happy Feet

Penguin Has Happy Feet One penguin. One FourLoko. One New Year's Eve he'll never forget.

Woman Rams Her Camaro Into Cop Car

Woman Rams Her Camaro Into Cop Car I'm not saying she's a bad driver, but this is actually a video of this woman attempting to parallel park.


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Texas Rangers should be an honorary Chuck Norris

A Cat’s Toy, Then and Now

Cute Baby Animals - A Cat's Toy then and Now

OMG! It’s like Ze Frank’s “Young Me Now Me” but with a kitten! Adorable! I’m gonna make sure to take comparative pictures with my pets from now on. If anyone can get pictures of their pets that look like baby pictures, you should mash them up and send them in. We’ll totally post them if they’re cute enough! Speaking of the passage of time, tonight is New Year’s Eve! Everyone have fun and hit the catnip responsibly!

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Boutique store now open

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Acting Like Animals: Elvira Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Me

cute baby animals - Acting Like Animals: Elvira Ain't Got Nothin' on Me

Awwwww yeah, guess who just got her feathers did?

Did you guess me? YEAH! YOU GUESSED CORRECTLY! And I’m telling you, I highly doubt you’re going to find anyone with a better faux-horror film ‘do than me in all of the animal kingdom. … and if you do, please, let me know. Because I will fly my pretty little self over to wherever they live, and we will have a duel to the Elvira-esque death!

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The invisible man was kicked out of the JLA holiday part.

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How To Salvage a Collapsed Snowman

Funny Food Photos - Wino Snowman

“I got the idea when I was drinking wine right out of the bottle and got so drunk I knocked my snowman over and then I fell over and it was like looking in a cold mirror.  So then I finished the bottle of wine and voila!”

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Pet Owl!

Poopay: “Pet owl has a comfy.”

OMG! Does he have a name!? You should name him Hoodwig!

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They Have Eyes.

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