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Pink’s Birthday Surprise for Ellen

“Surprise! Pink’s an idiot.”

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Russian Guy KO’s Himself On Homemade Trapeze

Russian Guy KO's Himself On Homemade Trapeze If you're starting up a circus, please be aware that drunk, fat Russian guys are a poor alternative to trained bears.

Baby Otter Pup’s First Checkup

Awww, he’s a little ball of squee! He looks like a legit puppy, too. It’s a shame that things so cute can’t be played with by us common folk. I want one!!

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Learn From Momma’s Boy’s Fail

When you've recently texted your mom and your girlfriend, make sure you check to whom you're responding. You might just tell your mom that you want to cuddle. #LFMF

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I’m Not Sure Which One Looks Funnier

fashion fail - I'm Not Sure Which One Looks Funnier

I must know the context of this. Someone give me a backstory. NOW.

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I Don’t Know If This is Brilliant or Terrible

white trash repairs - I Don't Know If This is Brilliant or Terrible

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Team Dakota


Hey it’s Dakota Fanning! I was going to write something clever about her and Twilight and vampires and whatnot but I’m not a 12 year old so I didn’t see that shit. What I did see was Man On Fire and that was a badass movie so she’s okay in my book.



Dudes-n-Bros Talking Points

Dudes-n-Bros Talking Points

Dudes-n-Bros Talking Points 2:36

The Dudes-N-Bros Talking Points System is the up to the minute online source for dudes, bros and fratty douchebags. Get the talking points system for yourself or a friend who doesn’t know how to talk to the guys around the office.

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Chosen One

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It’s the Weekend, So Here Are 9 Cats in Inappropriate Places

It's the Weekend, So Here Are 9 Cats in Inappropriate Places

It’s the Weekend, So Here …

Out of places cats are out place.

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Kinda Cute

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demotivational posters - SO

Ya, and then you know what the b*tch tells me, she tells me to take out the garbage. Anyway man, thanks for listening.

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