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Lovebirds, Literally

cute baby animals - Lovebirds, Literally

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I’m sure I could make a list of things cuter than feathered affection… but I’m also sure I could count all the items of it on half a hand.

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Acting Like Animals: Stealthiness FAIL

cute baby animals - Acting Like Animals: Stealthiness FAIL

Awwww man, that cheezburger’s not gonna have any idea what hit ‘em… my sneakiness is top notch; I got an A+ in Sneaking 425 in college!

Okay, so the kitchen’s just around the corner… slowly, slowly… just a little more, and… DANGIT! WHO PUT THIS MIRROR HERE? My cover is totally blown now! Abort mission! ABORT MISSION!

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That Thing Will Keep Me Supplied With Jelly Beans For Life!

funny food photos - That Thing Will Keep Me Supplied With Jelly Beans For Life!

Sure I have to buy it it’s own house, but the sweet rewards are worth it.

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demotivational posters - IMMORTAL KOMBAT

impossible to get a fatality

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Safe in Mama’s Arms

cute baby animals - Safe in Mama's Arms

When you’re young, it’s always wonderful to feel loved and protected… so it must be even nicer when you’re a baby gorilla, because you would ALWAYS feel protected by your big, brave mama!

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demotivational posters - DARWIN AWARD

she’s about to receive one.

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If you have been eating sushi make sure all of the wasabi is off of your fingers before taking your contacts out. #LFMF

Las Vegas Rail Slide Fail

Las Vegas Rail Slide Fail This guy broke a couple ribs sliding down a rail in Vegas. Man, every idea you come up with in Vegas starts off sounding good but ends up being painful with you whimpering on the floor.


demotivational posters - REGRET

purchasing a DB9 and imitating James Bond

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Your Face, Boiled

funny food photos - Your Face, Boiled

It’s called a cabbage head, it’s got to live up to its potential.

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