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Cat Hugs Baby Kitten Having Nightmare

Cat Hugs Baby Kitten Having Nightmare A mother cat hugs her baby kitten moving in it's sleep from a bad dream.

It Will Strick


Good news buddy! Your day has come to be judged by all the PoWM fans. Enjoy the stricking of their quace.

South Carolina


An Unwelcome Wake-Up Call

cute baby animals - An Unwelcome Wake-Up Call

Sorry to wake you, little husky baby… but, um… if I lied and told you I was making TONS of bacon for breakfast, would that make you stop snarling at me? No? Okay… fine, I’ll run to the store and get bacon. BUT ONLY BECAUSE YOU’RE SO GOSH DARN CUTE.

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Still Childless, Calm Down

What you want to say on facebook is "Frantically prepping for a visit from my parents," not "frantically prepping for impending parent-ness." The entirety of your family and friends will take it the wrong way. #LFMF

Fashion Pranks Will Bring You Pussy

fashion fail - Fashion Pranks Will Bring You Pussy

Pussies love all the rats.

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funny food photos - Facts!

FACT: Every 30 seconds a spider lays its eggs in your face!*

*not based on a fact

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demotivational posters - OLD STYLE  BIRTH CONTROL


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2-For-1 Fix

white trash repairs - 2-For-1 Fix

Bonus points if you can work in it this way. ~Not-So-Handy Andy

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my dad

If you wonder why one of your grown kids never tells you anything about her life and never seems to want to spend time with you, consider the anti-gay things you said when she was younger. #LFMDF


demotivational posters - WORLDGUARD

best minecraft server protection

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