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Shabing and Shabang

Shabing and Shabang

Shabing and Shabang 6:12

Written by Zechariah McBryde
Starring Peter Depp
Voices by Jayme Zazworsky-Opincar and Zechariah McBryde

Everyone’s favorite “Gay Agenda” children’s show. Have you recently married your same-sex partner and adopted your very first child? hahaha! Good for you for making a mockery of marriage! (step one in our agenda) You probably have concerns about the possibility of your son/daughter growing up straight. Fear no more! Just force your child to watch this episode of Shabing and Shabang. Studies have shown a steady dose of Shabing and Shabang along with a regimen of Special K every morning, will have your child engaging in godless, pagan, homosexual debauchery as early as age 10! (individual results may vary)

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I Haz an Embarrassed…

cute animals - I Haz an Embarrassed...

Sorry to hear you’re embarrassed, squee lil’ tiger tot… but you have to understand, when your mama embarrasses you like this, all of us here in squee land just can’t get enough of it! So we’d never even dream of asking her to stop!

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eHarmony: Still Looking….

eHarmony: Still Looking....

eHarmony: Still Looking…. 3:55

The first video in Joe and Kyle’s “Fast Forward Flicks” series. These are the eHarmony profiles that you won’t ever see on the commercials.

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he’s going to need them

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Your Love is My Rub

cute animals - Your Love is My Rub

And here we see the four stages of a cat’s reaction to finger rubs: curiosity, complacency, satisfaction and absolute bliss.

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the plural of goose is geese

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no exceptions

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Southwest Tea

funny food photos - teapot - cactus - Southwest Tea

Just what we need in the desert, hot liquids.

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Reader Squees: Lillian

cute animals - Reader Squees: Lillian

Danimal_Lecter says: “My furry slinky with a face!”

Furry slinky with a face is maybe the best description of a ferret I’ve ever heard. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, Danimal_Lecter!

Do you have a squee pet that you want to share with the world? Send us your pet pictures and stories, and they could end up on Daily Squee!

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