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Happy New Year From AFP!

May 2012 continue to bring us questions with no apparent answers.

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Almost Recovered FAIL

Reader Squees: A Minor Ear Malfunction

cute animals - Reader Squees: A Minor Ear Malfunction

ameela says: “Billy at the awkward puppy/dog stage.”

Puppies: Playful and energetic and adorable. Adult dogs: Loyal and obedient and beautiful. It’s that in-between stage mentioned above that really is the strangest.

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Living Your Childhood Fantasy FAIL

Acting Like Animals: The Capybara Centipede

Acting Like Animals: The Capybara Centipede

Oh, what? No, we’re not surgically attached to one another, ewww. We just do this sometimes out of sheer boredom. Is that weird to your or something?

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I Don’t Trust Experts

funny food photos - I Don't Trust Experts

Sure there are people put there who have spent decades perfecting the balance of a fine bottle of spirits. But who do they think they are? I know best! Let me do it!

Happy New Year! Be safe tonight!

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demotivational posters - MEANWHILE

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Speed Wobble FAIL

Care for a Cup of Oink?

cute animals - Care for a Cup of Oink?

Why yes, actually, I most definitely would like a little piglet to go with my Darjeeling. How thoughtful of you to offer!

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This has been true since Adam and Eve.

Attention parents: 14 year old girls take the word "forbid" as a challenge. Pick a better word. #LFMF