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Zombie Attack

Proof that you can outrun them.

(submitted by Matt)

Upside Down

“We had taken our son to Sears for a photo session. We received the proofs and ordered prints, not realizing that his middle finger was proudly displayed in the photo.  It wasn’t until years later we noticed it.”

(submitted by Dee)

Wonder Twins 2


 The Wonder Twins are back!

“My sister and I took various dance classes when we were kids and had terrible photos like this taken before every recital. This one in particular was for a tumbling class to the tune of Surfin’ USA.”

(submitted by Bill)

Little Miss Sunshine

“My sister’s senior prom fell on the same day as my dance rehearsal. My older sister was obviously not too excited to be taking a picture with her can-can clad little sister.”

(submitted by Kim)

Garden of Rusty

It isn’t easy being green.

(submitted by Rusty)

Red Eye

Go ahead– just try to correct it.

(submitted by Andrea)

It’s Just A Rabbit

There’s no substitute for the real thing.

(submitted by Lana)


He was so gullible.

(submitted by Jared)


So much confusion here, but mostly from the horse.

(submitted by Nicholas)

Nose Candy

For some, the hunt had only just begun.

(submitted by Joan)