“Yes, this is my family. I am the smallest conehead. In a brilliant wave of genius, my mother thought she had come to the ultimate family Halloween costume, while also taking into account her propensity for anything easy, coupled with her lack of creativity. She found these smelly, rubber coneheads at a some long forgotten costume shop and when I saw her eyes lock to them you could almost see the flickering, dim light of inspiration lethargically illuminate. We all hated it, but with only a few short days until Halloween (complete with invite to yearly Halloween party where were constantly berated and ridiculed for our costumes by this bougie family of do gooders who seemingly had NO END to there arsenal of Halloween costume ideas AND this was before the internet turned into what it is today, cute holiday craft/idea blogs and meme’s about any given topic, folks). There was also the issue of skin tone, which, shockingly, my stepfather, with his year round, amazingly bronzed skin fit the criteria for. Anyways, we went to the party, after a few dull roars from the crowd of party-goers, the bougie family swooped in to steal our thunder. Donned as the ENTIRE cast of the never ending story…yeah…even Valkor. The following year we stayed home and watched reruns of Rosanne and ate candy until diabetic shock was an imminent threat. Showed them, we did.”

(submitted by Maggie)