Ashes To Ashes

“An inquisitive baby, I’d often explore places that normally would be ‘off-limits’.  The cold soft ash felt good in my little fingers though!  Luckily, my brothers ‘rescued’ me, and my parents thought to snap a photo of it.”

(submitted by Scott)

In Your Grill

“This photo is of my brother posing inside the grill of our car, “The Beat” circa 1985. My parents loved posing us in weird and awkward places.”

(submitted by Melanie)

Purple Rain

She will always win.

(submitted by Amanda)

The Bird

Babies don’t lie.

(submitted by Ginger)

Angels In America

“Every time a new baby is born in the family, we like to say a Kane-gel gets it’s wings.”

(submitted by Kandy)


“After taking a number of pics of my gorgeous little girl she decided that she had enough. Funnily enough, this pic probably shows her true colors!”

(submitted by Michelle)

Please, Pay No Attention to How Awesome This Is

Please, Pay No Attention to How Awesome This Is

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There’s More Babies Than Beer

There's More Babies Than Beer

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A Mullet’s Tale

Good eye, Mom. Good eye.

(submitted by Sandy)

Our Little Angel

Her drool was heaven sent.

(submitted by Nikkie)