Acting Like Animals: Morning Comes Too Early…

cute baby animals - Acting Like Animals: Morning Comes Too Early...

Ugh. What do you mean it’s time to wake up? I could have sworn it was still early when I checked my alarm an hour ago…

Oh, wait, yeah, I guess that was an hour ago. Booooooooo. I shouldn’t have rolled over and gone back to sleep. Now I’ll be fighting the urge to sleep all throughout breakfast. I won’t even get to enjoy the best meal of the day! Where is the justice in this world at times like this?

Source: Charlie Summers

Damn Those Scissor-Wielding Pranksters

fashion fail - Damn Those Scissor-Wielding Pranksters

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demotivational posters - SEX & MONEY

they’re connected

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demotivational posters - FALSE

bewb + mouth = WIN

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Perfect For The Heat Wave!

white trash repairs - Perfect For The Heat Wave

Every fixer in the rest of the USA (only 70 in Seattle suckers!) should shut down their computer, take it apart and try this. It’s the only way to stay cool. The ONLY way.


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Basket Bengal

cute baby animals - Basket Bengal

Ally-Wa says: “My almost six-month-old Bengal baby in his favorite spot, an old basket. This was one of the few unblurry pictures I got of him, and I was surprised at how cute it was!”

♪ How much is that kitty in the basket? The one with the bengal-y tail? ♪

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demotivational posters - COLLECTIVE BARGAINING

you have been assimilated

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Alice Has the WHOLE Package

fashion fail - Alice Has the WHOLE Package

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Hot Enough For Ya?

funny food photos - Hot Enough For Ya?

Look on the bright side, your car is going to smell AMAZING.

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demotivational posters - VUVUZELA'S

they’re not soccer equipment

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