Acting Like Animals: If You’ll Allow Me to Soliloquize…

cute baby animals - Acting Like Animals: If You'll Allow Me to Soliloquize...

And don’t worry, it’s not going to be from Shakespeare or anything! No, this one was written entirely by me, J. Patrick Bearington, and I’m really quite proud of it. So without further ado…

“Verily I, bear, did see the morning light bearing down upon my bare bear behind, and barely did I find the time to look upon the light up in the sky, before the light did force me to bare myself unbearably beneath its barely bear-enfolding glow…”

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demotivational posters - COVER ME, GUYS

I’ll stop them with my b-boy skills

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I’ll Have What He’s Having

funny food photos - I'll Have What He's Having

I heard something go by sizzling. Can I have one of those?

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demotivational posters - MEGALODON

and you thought jaws was bad…

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demotivational posters - AND STILL...

close, but not as gay as twilight. At least they’re not sparkling.

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A Bucktoothed Beauty

cute baby animals - A Bucktoothed Beauty

D’awwwww, I love when the line between Squee! and Derp blurs together!

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Gives New Meaning to the Term “Half-Assed”

fashion fail - DIY dress: you will need: 1 bra, 1 thong, 1 disco ball, glue,  random piece of cloth, safety pins...

Seriously, what is that? The Two-Face of outrageous costumes? One side is all “I’m an underdressed leather-wearing biker” and the other side is “I’m underdressed?”

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Happy Father’s Day!

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Don't read the comments on your LFMF unless you're in a good mood. Half of them are trolls posting "Well DUH!" like they never made a mistake in their lives. #LFMF

Riding Shotgun Episode 2

Riding Shotgun Episode 2

Riding Shotgun Episode 2 4:03

In the front seat… COLIN HANKS

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