Lock Those Wily Snacks Down!

S’mores are probably the MOST difficult thing to make EVER. Thank GOODNESS someone thought to “simplify” the process!

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No, I don’t work here!

NEVER wear a blue shirt to Wal-Mart! #LFMF

Water Splash Prank Fail

Water Splash Prank Fail Slipping, falling, and then running away was the only way this dude was able to maintain the element of surprise with this prank.

I Like To Move It Move It


I guess there are worse ways of getting rid of all of that energy from a can of Red Bull.




Take the frozen pizza off the cardboard circle before you put it into the oven. #LFMF

I Don’t Think You Understand The Concept of Round

white trash repairs - I Don't Think You Understand The Concept of Round

Oh, I’m sorry. Did you except this dive bar to have a professional quality table? It’s 1am and you’ve been drinking for 5 hours. Just hit the dang ball. ~Not-So-Handy Andy

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Traffic Jam Coke Attack

So now I’m sitting in traffic being forced to endure corporate advertising like a prisoner. At least now I have something to pee into.

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Best of Dorkly: Mortal Kombat Pervert

Every ninja’s dream: two girls at the same time.


When looking for the family reunion photos for your grandmother, be careful when looking for the correct SD card. Choose incorrectly, and you may find nude pictures of your parents. #LFMF

Ft. Worth Explosions

Ft. Worth Explosions A large number of electrical transformers blew up in Ft Worth Texas after a lightning strike knocked out one of the "feeders".