LMAO, or L.M.A.O., is an acronym for “Laughing My Ass Off.” It is used to indicate that something is particularly funny. LMAO is internet slang that is popular in texts and online messaging. It is both a verb and an interjection because it conveys an action and an emotion.  This acronym provides a quick way to note that something is really funny without having to type “That’s really funny” or “That really made me laugh.”

Meaning of each letter:
L = Laughing
M = My
A = Ass
O = Off

LMAO can be typed in all uppercase, all lowercase as lmao, or as Lmao if it starts a sentence.

How do you say “LMAO” out loud in a conversation?
Though more commonly used online in social media and texts, LMAO would be pronounced “El Em Ay Oh” or shortened to sound like “Luh Mao” or “El Mayo” in a conversation.

Is LMAO safe for work?
LMAO is an acronym that works best in informal situations. If you need a “safe for work” version, LMAO could mean “Laughing My Ankles Off” or “Laughing My Arms Off.”

Is LMAO.com safe for work?
We try to label posts that perhaps are “not safe for work” with a NSFW tag. In the navigation bar, you can toggle the NSFW filter on or off. The definition of what is and is not safe for work varies by location, workplace, and culture.  If in doubt, it is probably best to visit us when you are not working.