I’m Not a Cat

I’m Here Live!

Judge Roy Ferguson: Mr. Ponton I believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings. You might want to ah… take…take a look…

Mr. Ponton: Aahh! We’re tryin’ to a… can you hear me judge?

Judge Roy Ferguson: I can hear you I think it’s a filter in the…

Mr. Ponton: It it is and I don’t know how to remove it.  I’ve got my assistant here she’s tryin’ to but… ahh… I’m prepared to go forward with it if that’s… I’m here live, that’s not, I’m not a cat.

Judge Roy Ferguson: I can – I can see that. Um, I think if you click the up arrow next to the…

Lawyer Rod Ponton explains what happened with the cat filter on Zoom:

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